Grammar is a first threshold to enter learning systematically any language. When we want to learn a language then we go through its grammar. Now let we learn English Grammar to learn English language systematically. We must understand English grammar’s rule and its agreement with the letters, word, phrases, sentences etc. 

During learning English grammar, learners must not take its load on their mind otherwise they may be confused at the primary learning. English learning journey would be successful for the learners who will have the willpower to learn in the consistently manner. Learning English may be easy to the learners if they take it easy way. 


There are 26 letters, which create the foundation of English language.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 

There are 26 English Alphabets are in English Grammar.


There are 5 vowels are in English Grammar.

B C D F G H J K L M N P Q R S T V W X Y Z 

The given  above 21 consonants are in English Grammar.

To understand the 26 letters of English grammar is very vital. This is the first starting of English language foundation. From this, we start our English learning language journey with our passionate step. Every learners who want to be expert in English he learn step by step with easy way.




First, you need to be AN ENTHUSIASTIC to learn English because if you want to learn English in really than you must understand that there is no special time to learn. There is no special place to learn. Whenever & whatever you may learn in English. 

Don’t need to be a formal to learn English. Don’t take burden on your mind. Don’t afraid from it. But take it easy to learn as fun easily. Learn English whenever & whatever you want. You can learn in kitchen, bedroom and other several places wherever you be exist. For this inspire yourself and raise your will power.

SPEAK EASILY, How to Learn English Online


Second, you need to be a FRIEND OF ENGLISH remove any gap between English & you. When you have time then you may practice to learn English by writing, reading, listening and watching visuals etc. do practice with your friends. If there is no one to do so then you can practice with yourself, you don’t need others to do it. You can think in English, you can speak in English, and you can be perfect through practices learning by doing. 

Understand that, there is no need special time to learn. There is no need special place to learn. Some of the peoples who master is in English they have done continue practices in their informal way anywhere and anytime. Get rid from hesitation and think how to learn English easily. Practice may make you a master in English.  
How to Learn English Online



Third, you need to GAIN CONFIDENCE with willpower. After your daily learning practices through reading, writing, audio and visual practice you must relax your mind and start to speak word what you have learned in the same day. Try to speak smoothly. don’t hesitate, if you do mistakes. After some time, you will be better to speak the word of English.


After all you need to be a ENGLISH SPEAKER. You must have willpower to learn and gain confidence. Don’t hesitate if you make mistake. To do mistake is a process to learn. Think in English and speak in English without any hesitation. 

This must be happening in front of mirror so that you can calculate your speech delivery speed, style and your body language easily. If you do mistake don’t hesitate but try to represent yourself with better correction and speech once more and more again in the sense of freedom.