FUTURE CONTINUOUS TENSE with easy example sentences, or How to learn Future Continuous Tense in easy way?

Future Continuous Tense:
In Basic English Grammar, Future Continuous Tense is a tense that is used to show the information of the action ongoing in the future. It is used to describe events or states in which, we show express by referring the time that events or states will be happening in the future. We may know more about Future Continuous Tense through constantly practice. For your reference read Tense Chart, and Tense Exercises, in other posts of this site.
English lessons for the beginners are made very simple so that they can understand easily. The given below examples describe that how the verbs are used in the Future Continuous Tense.

Examples of
Future Continuous Tense:  
I shall/will be playing football.
He will be writing a letter.
She will be writing a letter.
Future Continuous Tense Clarification:
Future Continuous Tense shows the action ongoing in the future. Read carefully given above sentences “I shall/will be playing football. & She will be writing a letter. by reading these sentences, we know that “I” (plural noun) “He” & “She” (singular noun) are subjects, and “shall be/will be are helping verbs, “playing & writing” are -ing ending forms of the main verbs and “football and letter” are objects. 

The main verbs “write and play” has been changed into -ing ending forms of the verbs “playing & writing” to use in He will be writing a letter. The verb “writing” is used in the Future Continuous Tense. By doing practice exercises constantly you will understand more, step by step.
Future Continuous Tense learning practice must be continuously by the learners. Learn more about English Tense, Tenses Rules, How many Tenses in English, in other posts of the site. 

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