The simple past or past indefinite tense is a tense that is used to show the information of the time before now. it is the basic form of the past tense. It is used to describe events or states in which, we show express by referring the time that events or states happened earlier or before some time. We may know more about Past Simple Tense through constantly practice. It is used in different way when we use it to make the sentences. 
The given below examples describe that how the verbs are used in the past forms.

I played football.  The verb “played” is in the past tense.

I wrote the letter.  The verb ” wrote” is in the past tense.

Read carefully given above sentences “I played football” “I wrote the letter” by reading these sentences, we know that ‘I’ is a subject, “played” and “wrote” are third forms of the main verbs and ‘football’ and “letter” is an object. The regular verbs “wrote and played” has been changed from simple form “write and play” into past form. By doing practice exercises constantly you will understand more, step by step.
In given above sentence time is hidden. This sentence is not sowing accurate time, this situation is showing that this sentence indicates to Past Simple (Indefinite) Tense. This sentence shows indefinite situation. In above sentence. Often, we use to show time sometimes when we want to show act according to our routine. Often, Past Simple Tense shows that there was not sure to act happening, act happened but it could be having any time.
In these above sentences, “I” is used as ‘subject’ which is ‘plural noun’, for which the second form of the main verb is used to define Past Simple Tense. These sentences are representing that, act happened in Past Simple Tense.

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