PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE: (what is present tense?)


Present simple tense is a tense which is used to indicate or present itself when things happen true. It used in different condition when we use it to make the sentences. Sometimes it shows time and sometime not.

·        I play badminton.
·        I play football.
·        I play carrom board.
·        I play Basketball.

After reading given above sentences we have known that ‘I play games’ but “when?” time is hidden in all above sentences. Often, we use to show time sometimes when we want to act according to our routine. Often, present simple tense shows that there is not sure to act happening, act happens but it can be any time.
In these above sentences, “I” is used as ‘subject’ which is plural noun, for which the first form of verb is used to define present tense. These sentences are representing that act happens in present simple tense.

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